(A division of South Queensland & Border Districts Touch Association Inc)



ALL TEAMS = $50 to nominate your team

 All teams must pay an additional $100 team bond or carry over the bond from previous competitions.


 Early Bird:                $1300.00 (Total = $1350.00) Paid before Round 1



Option 2:                  $1450.00(Total = $1500.00) Paid before Round 3


Junior team fees are $200.00 less. Conditions Apply





Nomination = A team delegate is required to nominate their team and pay a deposit of $50 to be entered into the competition.


NOTE: $100.00 BOND Fee is separate to the nomination fee. Bond may be carried over from previous seasons.


Early Bird = The remaining amount of $1300.00 not including bond applies for teams to qualify for Early Bird fees. Only Early Bird teams qualify for a free touch ball.


 Payment Option 2 = The remaining amount of $1450.00 is to be paid before the commencement of Round 3. Team delegate may pay installments of any size. However, individual member payments will not be accepted.

 Youth Teams = All members of team must be 17 years and under at December 31st 2020 to qualify for $200.00 discount fee.

Registrations Close –Friday 31st January 2020

 Season 1 2020 start = Monday, 17th Febraury 2020

 Grand Finals

Season 1 GF = Monday 22nd June 2020


Conditions to Remember:

 PHOTO ID – is required for all new registered players

 FINGERPRINT ID – is the only recognized qualification for insurance and finals eligibility

 Team BOND: Three Strikes Conditions still apply to all teams


For yours and our security, we do not accept cash for team fees.

Team Bond

A team bond of $100 (Refundable at seasons end) for all teams MUST be paid with nomination

Team bonds may also carried over to future competitions

 Tax invoices are available for team fees on request


 Palm Beach Super Series Fees:

$99.00 per player *

*plus $30 shirt bond




A maximum of 2 female and 2 male Super Series players can participate in a Mixed Div 1 team.


 A maximum of 3 female and/or 3 male Super Series players (who are not Representative Opens level players) can participate in any Division 1 Men or Division 2 Women team.


No Super Series players can participate in Divisions 2 or below.


Super Series DRAW CLASH

 All Super Series games will be played to suit the draw format. There will be NO consideration for any person who plays in another team as well as a Super Series team.

 ALL Super Series players MUST participate in the Super Series game if there is a game clash.



 Team Delegates are required to attend a Meeting to commence at 6.00pm on the same night as the designated TRIAL date.


Attending teams will be allocated 3 competition points


One person from each team MUST attend.


Conditions of Entry



All policies and Conditions are those stated by Touch Football Australia (TFA), South Queensland and Border Districts Touch (SQBD) and Palm Beach Touch (PBT). All relevant policies are displayed on respective websites. Particular attention to TFA policies on



Each team MUST pay a Team Bond of $100 before a team nomination may be accepted. New and existing teams MUST pay a minimum amount before nomination may be accepted. Existing teams may carry over team bond from previous competitions.


FOOTNOTE:If your team is subject to a forfeit without suitable notice and players attend ready to play, a canteen credit to the value of $50.00 will be provided. Cash is not exchanged. Drinks ONLY can be redeemed. All products requested will be supplied open. One product per person per request.


See 23 and 26 on Forfeits




Individual Fees apply for Supers Series participants and team that accept conditions of enter for Option 3 payment.



Players are permitted to participate without payment and allocate referee reimbursement fees to pay for registration fees. Any player who has not performed sufficient games on or before Round 10 will be required to pay balance before permitted to continue play.



Payment process

  1. On line via Direct Deposit:

Commonwealth Bank

Palm Beach Touch

BSB: 064 480

Account Number: 1051 0608

Reference: “Team Name” and or “Your name”

  1. Cheque made payable to “Palm Beach Touch Association”

  2. Eftpos via our facilities on site




NOTE: Our player identification processes are for our internal use only. No information can or will be provided to any third party other than to verify your attendance at the competition. (to verify your insurance claim for example)



Each participant will be required to supply a single finger print identification BEFORE they are permitted to be accepted as a member of Palm Beach Touch Association. All members must complete eight (8) finger print scans to be eligible for Semi Finals.



Each participant will be required to supply photo identification BEFORE they are permitted to be accepted as a member of Palm Beach Touch Association.


NOTE: Finger Print/Photo ID are used to verify your attendance ONLY. Your recorder attendance can be used to verify your insurance cover if needed and is used to calculate the number of games you have attended, which determines your qualification for Semi Final and Final participation.



Teams are permitted to nominate for the division of choice on Teams delegates will be required to complete a written nomination form before team nomination may be accepted. All efforts will be made to ensure teams gain access to their nominated division. However, this may change, subject to draw. Palm Beach Touch reserves the right to re-grade teams as competition structure demands.



Each nominated team MUST complete a season nomination form per competition. The team delegate is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all of the team’s players are familiar with the Conditions of Entry and Policies.

  • Having team members register in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  • Ensure that participants register with their correct information.


11. NOTES:

  1. All registered players MUST complete and update personal contact details.

  2. All players MUST sign on each week.

  3. It is the responsibility of the team captain/delegate to ensure all players behave in an appropriate manner both on and off the field, before and after each game. Foul language and offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

  4. Teams will be supplied with a game with Option 1 Payment ONLY.

  5. It is the responsibility of teams/players to ensure they have an understanding of these rules and regulations set by Touch Football Australia (, and Palm Beach Touch (



Nominated teams are required to have a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 14 players before the commencement of competition. Team who require registering more than 14 must apply in writing to PBT Committee outlining the reasons to exceed 14.



All participants must complete On-Line registration before they are permitted to participate in the competition. Each team will be supplied with a username and password for distribution to new players. It is the responsibility of Team Delegate to ensure all members are registered. Palm Beach Touch will not acknowledge any Insurance Claim of a participant that is not registered as per conditions.



A finger Print Scanner will also be provided. Each person will be required to touch the finger print scanner before they are permitted to participate. The monitor will display the participant’s name and photo ID only.


NOTE: The monitor will also display up to eight affiliate sponsors. By agreeing to participate in the competitions, members will receive email correspondence from sponsors. The information will be forwarded by email only. Member’s personal details will not be forwarded to any third party. If a member does not want to receive any sponsor correspondence, please advise PBT.



Any team that has a personal sponsor may provide sponsors information to be displayed on PBT Service Directory at no cost. Service Directory is located on and is available to all teams.



Participants MUST attend 5 games per competition to be able to participate in finals. It is the responsibility of the team delegate to check all qualifications



All nominated divisions are subject to nomination.


            MEN = DIVISIONS 1 to 4

            WOMEN = One

            MIXED = DIVISIONS 1 to 6



Draw will be available on Draw is a home and away concept and with view for all teams to play other division teams on a rotation basis. However, this is subject to change if there is need of a re-draw.



Games are scheduled to be 20 minutes each way. However, this is also subject to change without notice subject to ground maintenance and general conditions.



All teams are required to be in correct uniform no later than the commencement of Round 4. Shirt are to be the same colour and style. Each shirt is to have a permanent number on the back not less than 20 cm and no larger than 30 cm.


Numbers are not permitted to be stuck on with tape or hand written.


Shirts are not permitted to be predominately white. Shirts MUST contain 70% colour or design other than white.


SHORTS: All players must wear similar colored shorts. NO BOARD SHORTS ARE PERMITTED.



Wet weather policy is displayed on


1 – If bad weather is present, a decision to play the round will be made no later than 4pm and information available on website.

2 – If games commence as per schedule and bad weather interrupts play, the clock will not stop. Please check policy.



If a player sustains an injury, please inform Duty Manager before you leave the facility on the day of play. Insurance information is available on



List of Breaches


  • Any team that fails to give 24 hours clear notice of FORFEIT. (see footnote)

  • Teams that are reported by a referee or official for un-sportsman like behavior eg sledging and or acting in an abusive manner towards the referee or opposing team.

  • Teams/players that consume or introduce alcohol at the venue outside the laws associated with liquor license requirements.

  • Teams that play an unregistered player.


BREACH 1 = $50.00 deduction or 50% of fees paid

BREACH 2 = $50.00 deduction or 50% of fees paid

BREACH 3 = Team withdrawn from Competition


FOOTNOTE: Any team that forfeits more than once during the course of competition rounds WILL NOT be eligible for FINALS.



This is an Adult competition, we recommend that no Junior participate unless they are over the age of 12. Players seeking an exemption to this must apply to the Palm Beach Committee in writing for consideration. Palm Beach Touch which will decide on a case by case basis if the player in question can participate safely.


25. Competition Points

Win = 3            Loss = 1           Draw =2           Bye = 0            Forfeit = 0        Forfeit Win = 3


  1. Grand Finals are played on Monday for Winter and Season 1 and Sunday for Season 2


26.  Forfeits


Teams must be in attendance at their playing fields five (5) minutes before the commencement of their match.

It is the responsibility of each captain to report to the referees two minutes before the commencement of the game so that the toss of the coin can be affected without loss of time.


If a team is not at the field at the advertised starting time of the game, the attending team can be awarded the winning of the toss.


The offending team will receive a maximum of five (5) minutes from the commencement of the game (siren/whistle) to position the team on the field and be ready to commence play.


If the offending team is not in attendance after the five (5) minutes has expired, the game will be deemed a forfeit and the non offending team will be awarded a 5/0 win and three (3) competition points.


If a team is late, one point may be awarded to the opposition team for every minute up to and including 5 points. Referee will determine allocated time.


Note: Forfeits for any reason in the final series negates the forfeiting team’s rights to participate further in the tournament.


27. Rules

The Seventh (7th) Edition of the Touch Football Australia (TFA) Playing Rules (six a side) will apply unless otherwise stated.


28. Insurance

The TFA Accident Insurance Scheme covers all players and officials who have met the insurance criteria of a TFA affiliated competition. The contact number for an injured player to obtain a claim form is 1300 736 390.


29. Forced Majeure.

If Palm Beach Touch are unable to perform, in whole or part in any obligation under these regulations of a Force Majeure Event, Palm Beach Touch is relieved of that obligation under these regulations to the extent, and the period it is unable to perform.


In addition to Palm Beach Touch has no obligation to refund to any individual or team any fees paid if it is unable to perform by reason of a Force Majeure Event.


FORCE MAJEURE EVENT: for the purposes of these regulations a force majeure event includes but is not limited to any or all of the following:

• Acts of God including flood, drought, earthquake, storm, cyclone, fire, explosion, epidemic; or

• War or Act of Terrorism; or

• Riot or civil disturbances; or

• Permanent injunction of any duly constituted court of competent jurisdiction; or

• Any fact, circumstance, matter or thing beyond the reasonable control of QTF / TFA.

30. Behavior/Code of Conduct

All players and spectators are required to abide by the Standard TFA Responsibility Code. This document can be downloaded from Touch Football Australia’s website (




No official or player other than the Team Captain is permitted to have any verbal communication with the match referee or referees. Back chat towards the referee for any reason is prohibited. Designated Team Captain and/or Team Coach may consult Competition Committee only at the completion of the game.


Referees will be instructed to enforce zero tolerance rules regarding referee abuse from players, coaching staff and spectators.


  • Protests


Protests will be heard and determined by the Judiciary and or designated Protest Committee.


The Competition Committee and SQBD Executive members will form the Protest Committee. It will include at least three committee members or persons designated by the committee.


Protests must be lodged in writing within twenty (20) minutes of the conclusion of the event in question, to the Competition Director or to an official designated by the Competition Director. The protest is to be lodged and signed by the Team Manager or their nominated representative. The protest will then be investigated by the Protest Committee. The Team Manager or their nominated representative will be notified of the decision. Any notice to be served on any person to attend a hearing, will be served on the Team Manager or nominated representative of the team involved, and any such service is deemed to be served on all parties or persons under the control of that Team Manager or their nominated representative.


  • Judiciary


Upon receipt of a Referees Report or Citing Report the Competition Director shall serve notice on all parties required to be in attendance at a Judicial Hearing.


Notice to include all charges, date and time of hearing.


Note:   Referees Reports to be submitted no later than 20 minutes of the completion of the relevant match.


Citing Reports to be submitted as soon as practically possible.

If the Director of Referees and the Competition determine that a Judiciary Hearing is required, a Breach Notice will be issued to the team delegate and the player in question. Reference will be made to the TFA Judiciary Guidelines. The charged person will be offered a Suspension prior to establishing a formal hearing.


The player may choose to take the suspension or a formal hearing.


If found guilty at the Hearing, the minimum sentence for the offence will commence at double the rate of the offer in the first instance.

  • Suspensions


- In the event of a player being sent from the field for the remainder of the game, an automatic two match suspension will apply unless the Judiciary Committee considers further action is warranted.


- Any player who is given a period of time more than once in any one game, will also receive an automatic two match suspension.

- Any player who receives three separate periods of time in three separate games, will be cited to appear before the Judiciary to show cause why he/she should not be given an automatic two match suspension or more if the Judiciary considers further action is warranted. = See Rule 221



- The suspension applies to the next two matches the team participates in that TFA controlled event. It does not include Byes or if the player belongs to a team that forfeits in a match. Games forfeited to the suspended player/s team will count.



  • Blood Bin


Any player with a bleeding cut or abrasion is to leave the field immediately and have the cut or abrasion cleaned and covered. At this time, any blood stained clothing must also be either cleaned or replaced.


If the player does not leave the field immediately, the Referee will stop the game and ask the player to leave the field (normal substitution rules apply).


Once the flow of blood has been stemmed, the cut or abrasion cleaned and covered and any blood stained clothing and equipment cleaned or replaced, the player may return to the field and continue play. If bleeding cannot be controlled and the wound securely covered, the player must not continue in the game


  • Concussion Policy


Palm Beach Touch Association Inc. have adopted the TFA approved Concussion in Sport Policy for this event (see ).


  • Drop Off


Drop-off is not applicable to any Round games.

If any Semi-final or Finals game ends with even score, the “Drop-Off” will continue immediately.

Normal TFA Drop Off rules will apply.


  • Footwear


You MUST wear shoes. Only Touch approved footwear can be worn. No metal studs or screw in studs permitted.


  • Rights Reserved


Palm Beach Touch reserves the right to determine and/or interpret matters not covered or specified by the Conditions of Entry and take appropriate action.

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