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What is School Term Touch


School Term Touch is the new name for Junior Touch 

Here are some of the reasons for the change and details of the competition

  • Junior Touch was changed to School Term for flexibility - we understand that kids play multiple sports based on season, with School Term we believe this helps players and parents transition between sports

  • The competition is base in School Term as generally in holidays we have players and teams away which makes it difficult for teams and competition management

  • We are only offering 'Individual payments' as opposed to 'team' payments as we understand it can be hard on the parent/coach to organise money. It is still up to the Team organiser to nominate a team, however all registrations and payments are to be done through our online database.

  • What if you DON'T have a team?? Not a problem, please register as an individual and we will find you a team to play in.

  • Each Season our Junior Committee will endeavour to hold Skill Development sessions on 'advertised' Thursday Nights during the season. There is no cost to this.


Most school terms traditionally run for 10 weeks:


Week 1 - Registration & Singlet collection


Week 2 to Week 9 - Round Games & Final


Week 10 - Saved in case of any washout rounds

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