QLD Blue Card - Working With Children

All coaches & referees over the age of 18 are required to have a QLD Working With Children Check. Once obtained please give a copy to admin@palmbeachtouch.com

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QLD Fair Play Voucher Provider

Vouchers can be used for 2 school terms

I.E Term 1 & 2 / 2 & 3 / 3 & 4


Vouchers can also be used for 1 adult season in the senior competition.

‘Cost average per team method’

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We are a Level 3 Good Sports club

Sporting clubs such as ours play a significant role in the community and have a responsibility to our members and their families. We have chosen to join over 9000 clubs across Australia taking part in the Good Sports program. Through Good Sports we are committed to managing alcohol responsibly and ensuring smoke free areas, which we believe will help us to provide a healthy, safe and family friendly environment.  Together, we are helping inspire a healthier sporting nation.





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