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Return to Play - COVID Protocols - 27th July

Hi everyone!

Finally!! Touch is back at Palm Beach!!

We want to make sure we are keeping our community safe so we kindly ask that all Team Delegates, Coaches & Referees understand our compliance and play their part to ensure our club remains COVID Safe.

We encourage all Team Delegates, Coaches and Referees, to log onto ‘The Nest’ and training library please complete the ‘How to Prevent' COVID-19 course. We also encourage everyone to Download the COVID-Safe app.

All SPECTATORS at the venue are to register with the QR code they are in attendance at the venue (Referees & Players are recorded on the team sheet). We ask a minimum number of spectators please.

There will be no finger scanning this season. Referees will bring game boxes to each field that will contain the following

· Official game sheet, Team Delegates or Coach will be called to assist Referee with a role call.

· Any player not on the sheet will be unable to take the field

· The game sheet will also be the score card.

· Hand sanitiser (that we encourage everyone to use before and after games)

· Pen to be used only by the referee

Game results and recording,. At the end of the game captains won't sign a score card, however the referee will make your initials after a verbal agreement on the score.

Please park as close as you can to the field you are playing on to reduce contact with people that are not associated with your game.

Canteen WILL be open, however we are not opening the front balcony and the side balcony will only be limited to 10 people (standing only). Preference to pay is ‘Paywave’ for payments – Palm Beach Touch will not have any EFT surcharge for cards.

The club has enough balls to rotate through all the games and will be all sanitised and washed at the end of each night.

We will have Touch Balls on sale for $25 at the canteen however we will not be lending any balls out.

Game area - Sub boxes

· The registered coach/s & manager are the only additional personnel allowed in the sub box

· The players must still sub between the two 10m lines over a twenty metre distance

· All people in the sub box must social distance and spread throughout the sub box where possible

· All additional bags & clothing must be placed outside of the sub box to allow maximum room for people to spread.

As much as we love seeing team culture and atmosphere, No huddles, No hugs, No Kisses, No HiFives. Go for the ‘BootTap’ or the ‘Bluetooth Hi5’

Please be mindful of sneezing and washing your hands after wiping your mouth or blowing your nose. No Spitting.

Finally we can not stress enough, if you are feeling unwell in anyway please do not attend.

If you have been to any of the hot spots listed above within the last 14 days you MUST NOT enter the precinct as you are required quarantine at home.

The following COVID-19 Hot Spot have been identified by QLD Government from Monday 27 July are:

· Anywhere Overseas


· NSW areas of Liverpool City and Campbelltown City and Fairfield City.

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